Top 5 Speech Coaching Apps



Unwanted “umms” and “likes” plaguing your presentations, conversations, and interviews? There are a few options available on the Apple App Store. Here, we compare 5 popular speech coaching apps.

The Top 5 Speech Coaching Apps:

  • Credible:  The only one that provides effective real time awareness training while you are speaking, the very training other speech software products don’t provide.
  • Speeko: This app provides feedback on pace, tone, and fillers, offering personalized coaching and lesson recommendations.
  • Orai: Record yourself anywhere, anytime, and receive feedback on clarity, pace, and filler words.
  • LikeSo: This app focuses on helping you build confidence through practice challenges and feedback on delivery, clarity, and filler words.
  • Speech Coach AI: Analyze recordings to identify areas for improvement, including filler words, pace, and pronunciation.

The Challenge of Filler Words:

Let’s face it. You’re never going to practice speaking. And, even if you did, an hour a week, which you’re never going to do, will have no effect on the way you speak. Without continual everyday feedback, which only Credible provides, you’ll never improve.

Of all the speech coaching apps available, Credible takes a unique approach. It’s the only app on this list that offers real-time awareness of filler words. Here’s how it works:

  • During your live conversations, Credible discreetly highlights filler words on screen the moment you use them.

This in-the-moment feedback is what sets Credible apart. By becoming conscious of your filler words as you speak, you can actively suppress them and deliver a polished, impactful presentation.

The Verdict:

Except for Credible, none of the other speaking app will improve the way you speak because they don’t work when you’re not paying attention. They only work when you’re practicing. And even if practice worked, and it doesn’t, you’re never going to practice speaking.

Additional Considerations:

While Credible tackles filler words head-on, consider these factors when making your choice:

  • Focus: Do you need broader speech improvement or targeted filler word elimination?
  • Features: Do you prefer pre-recorded practice with feedback (Speeko, Orai, LikeSo, Speech Coach AI) or live integration (Credible)?
  • Budget: Compare pricing models (subscriptions vs. one-time purchases)

By understanding your needs and the strengths of each app, you can choose the best tool to conquer your public speaking jitters and ditch the filler words for good.