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The Speech Coach App That Will Help You Speak Like a Pro

Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply someone who wants to improve your communication skills, Credible can be your personalized speech coaching app to help you speak confidently.

Custom Filler Words/Phrases

Select your own words or phrases you would like alerts for.

Notification Frequency

Change the frequency of notifications for filler words from 1 up to 20 filler words per alert.

Show Transcript

Check your transcript to see how you are doing speaking.

Speaker Verification

In conversations, turn on speaker verification so you only get alerted when you use a filller word.

Credible Speech Coaching App Features
Real Time Feedback The app can give you real-time feedback on your speech, so you can be aware of how many filler words you are using and make adjustments as needed. By becoming more aware of your filler word usage, you can learn to communicate more clearly and effectively.
Track Your Progress The app can track your progress over time, so you can see how you are improving. Others will appreciate your clear and concise communication, and you will be more likely to make a good impression. When you know that you are communicating well, you can feel more confident in yourself and your abilities.
Privacy All of your information stays on your device and nothing is recorded. Your conversations are private and we do not store any information. No 3rd party vendors have access to your microphone or data and nothing is sent to the cloud.
Always Listening Effective communication takes practices. With regular use, a personalized speech coaching app can help you develop the communication skills you need to succeed in any situation. Online and offline use, whenever you need to speak confidently or want to practice you speaking. Credible can tell if you are speaking or someone else with advanced machine learning capabilities, turn on speaker verification and you will only get notified if you say the undesired filler word.
Personalized Experience Select from the preset list of filler words, or add your own custom filler word. Credible is able to pick up any word or even phrase from your speech and let you know if you used it. You can also customize the settings of the app to suit your needs, such as setting a threshold for the number of filler words before you are alerted.
Practice Discreetly The haptic feedback on your smart watch is discreet, so you can use the app in any situation without worrying about others noticing. No one will know you are using Sound Credible on your wrist, but they will notice you sound better!
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