Directions for Using Credible

Simple and Easy to Follow Instructions for Setting Up Credible

Simple Download & Set Up

Follow these simple steps to get going with Credible and speaking better in 5 minutes.

Testing out Credible to Reduce Filler Word Use


Download Credible from App Store

Credible is currently available through TestFlight. You can sign up for a beta version with the link below.


Provide Access

Credible needs access to your microphone, speech recognizer, and notifications to work at all times.

We do not collect or store your data. Everything stays on your device. Learn more about our privacy policy below.

Provide Microphone Speech Recognizer and Notifications Access
Set Up Speaker Verification


Record Your Voice Reference

Credible can tell if you are speaking or someone else, after you read a short paragraph and the app analyzes your voice.

When you have successfully set up Speaker Verification you will see a green checkmark next to the box. You can re-record anytime.


Select A Filler Word

You can select a filler word from the pre-set list, or you can add your own word or phrase, up to 20 characters.

You can only select 1 at a time, but you can switch your selection anytime you would like.

Select a Filler Word or Add your Own
Start Listening for filler words


Hit Start!

Just hit start. You can use the transcript or not. When Credible detects that you use the selected filler word, the word will flash on your screen.

If your screen is locked and the app is stilll running you will get notifications on your lock screen and the phone haptics will vibrate.

And if you have an Apple Watch, you will get notifications on your watch.

Set Up Video

Instruction Video

Credible Features

Learn more about some of the features that make Credible the best communications coaching app available.