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Credible App brings awareness to your speech patterns to help you improve your communications skills to build confidence.

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Average Speaker Uses 5 Filler Words Every Minute

By reducing filler word use, your message will come across clearer and be delivered more effectively.

Personalized Coaching

Customize the app to the filler words that you overuse and want to fix.

Real Time Feedback

Watch haptics and screen notifications bring your awareness to filler words.

Practice Discreetly

Improve your speaking skills without anyone knowing. We don’t store your data.

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Practice & Live Speech

There are many ways to use Credible to help you improve your speaking and communications skills, either in practice for a presentation or during live communications, discreetly with your phone and smartwatch.

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Presentation Preparation

Prepare for an important presentation or speech by providing real-time feedback on your use of filler words during practice sessions.

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Job Interview Practice

Credible will help job seekers identify specific filler words that may be perceived as unprofessional or hesitant, such as “like,” “um,” or “you know.”

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Everyday Conversations

Leave Credible on during a conversation and discreetly receive feedback to help you sound more confident and clear, and practice for higher stakes conversations.

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Presentations & Meetings

Online or offline presentations, meetings, or conferences calls, you can use Credible and no one will know that you have your own speech coach listening and giving you real time feedback.

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Simple Set Up Instructions

Directions For Using Credible

The overuse of fillers make it difficult for the listener to understand what the speaker is saying. In fact, research has shown that the overuse of filler words can make a speaker sound less confident and less competent.
Using Credible App Is Discreet Way to Improve Your Speech

Successful Communications

Communication skills are essential to career success. Effective communication helps you effectively share your ideas, build relationships, and solve problems.

Speak Clearly

Reducing the use of filler words help others hear your message.

Communicate Effectively

Others pay attention when you speak with confidence.

Enhance Career

Promoting your ideas will help advance your career.

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If you want to succeed in your career, it is important to develop strong communication skills. Sound Credible App will help you with real time feedback based intervention training on your smartwatch.

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