And Other Filler Words

Stop Saying “Like”

Credible listens to you and buzzes your wrist when you say “like,” “um,” “you know” or any other filler word.

Everyone Is Guilty Of Overusing Filler Words

Make A Good Impression

Overusing “like” makes you sound kinda dumb, you know? It can weaken your message and make you seem unsure of yourself. Cutting back can help you sound sharper and more confident.

Credible Is Used For

Two woman laughing and talking stop saying like

Use Credible while speaking with friends to be taken seriously.


Speaking is more important than your AI generated cover letter.


Having real conversations with people at work or on sales.

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Simple Set Up Instructions

Directions For Using Credible

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Successful Communications

Communication skills are essential to career success. Effective communication helps you effectively share your ideas, build relationships, and solve problems.

Speak Clearly

Reducing the use of filler words help others hear your message.

Communicate Effectively

Others pay attention when you speak with confidence.

Enhance Career

Promoting your ideas will help advance your career.

The overuse of fillers make it difficult for the listener to understand what you are trying to say. In fact, research has shown that the overuse of filler words can make a speaker sound less confident and less competent.

Start Speaking Effectively

If you want to succeed in your career, it is important to develop strong communication skills. Sound Credible App will help you with real time feedback.

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