Top 5 Communications Coaches for Career Advancement on Social Media in 2024

Clear communication consistently ranks as the #1 career skill. But where do you find great communications coaches for actionable advice to hone these skills and advance your career? Look no further than social media! These influencers are creating the most valuable content for anyone who wants to be a stellar communicator.

Raele Altano Communications Coaches for Career

1. Raele Altano – @wellwithraele

Raele Altano, a Certified Communication Coach and founder of Well With Raele, positions herself as your “objective best friend” for communication. She provides tools and fresh perspectives to help you become a more confident communicator. Raele offers individual coaching sessions and customizable packages to fit your schedule and budget.

Kathryn Elliott Communications

2. Kathryn Elliott Communications – @enhanceyourrep

Looking for broader communication guidance? Consultant Kathryn Elliott offers services for individuals, small businesses, and organizations. This includes crafting communication strategies, building your brand, and managing social media.

Kathryn Janicek Public Speaking Coach

3. Kathryn Janicek – @kathrynjanicek

Kathryn Janicek focuses on public speaking and media performance. She has trained CEOs and C-suite executives to communicate with impact. Her programs include Public Speaking Skills Training, $1M Memorable Messaging, and MVP (Messaging, Voice, and Posture) for ROI.

Preston Chin Speaks Impromptu Communication

4. Preston Chin – @prestonchinspeaks

Mastering impromptu speaking can be a game-changer in your career. Enter Preston Chin, who spent 13 years immersed in the world of communication – from play-by-play sports broadcasting to leading marketing partnerships. Now, his passion lies in teaching impromptu speaking.

Kristy Olinger Communication

5. Kristy Olinger – @ko.communication

Mid-career professionals seeking to elevate their communication skills at work will find a valuable resource in Kristy Olinger. She offers individual coaching, digital skill-building experiences for teams, and workplace communication workshops. Kristy focuses on turning real-life situations into learning opportunities, providing practical strategies, and building frameworks that can be applied throughout your career.

Following these communication coaches on social media and exploring their content is a fantastic first step to take your communication skills – and your career – to the next level. If you find their advice resonates with you, consider reaching out to them to explore coaching opportunities.