The Many Meanings of the Word “Like” Annoying and Useful

The word “like” has a wide range of meanings, from expressing attraction to comparing two things. Originally, there were only two meanings of the word: the Old English verb “to feel attracted towards” and the Old English adjective “similar to.” However, over time, four more meanings of the word have emerged.

One way the word “like” is used is as a quotative, meaning it is used to quote someone else’s words or our own. It can also be used as a linguistic filler word, which is a common and annoying habit among younger people. Additionally, “like” can be used as an adverb for approximation or as a hedging word. Finally, it can be used as a discourse particle to emphasize a point.

Younger people also use the word “like” as a social function to seem social and friendly. This can be seen in the way they use the word in everyday conversation, such as “That’s, like, so cool!” or “I’m, like, really excited!”

The word “like” is a versatile word with a wide range of meanings. Its use has evolved over time, and it continues to be an important part of the English language.

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