Stop Saying “So”: 5 Filler Words Killing Your B2B Sales Pitch



Ever zoned out during a meeting filled with “um,” “like,” and “you know”? Those filler words are productivity vampires, sucking the punch out of presentations and denting your credibility. In B2B sales, clear communication is crucial, and these speech crutches can leave you sounding unprofessional, especially for younger salespeople like Gen Z who might already face age-related assumptions.

Top 5 Filler Words in B2B Sales

This article dives into the top 5 filler words to banish from your B2B sales vocabulary:

  1. So: This seemingly harmless word often creeps in at sentence beginnings, creating pauses and slowing the flow of your message. Replace “so” with stronger transitions that connect your ideas, like “Therefore,” “As a result,” or “Building on that point.”
  2. You Know: This phrase undermines your expertise. Instead, assume your audience is following and focus on delivering clear information.
  3. Like: This word adds vagueness and weakens your message. Be specific! Use powerful verbs and precise language to paint a clear picture of your product’s value.
  4. Kind Of: Similar to “like,” “kind of” creates uncertainty. Quantify your statements whenever possible, using data, statistics, or concrete examples to back up your claims.
  5. Right?: This question tag implies you’re unsure of yourself. Project confidence by delivering statements with conviction. If seeking agreement, use open-ended questions like “Does that make sense?”

Remember, your sales pitch is prime storytelling real estate. Every word counts. By ditching these filler words, you’ll create a more impactful presentation, project professionalism, and close more deals!