Credible Stop Saying Filler Words App Instructional Video



Credible, a speech coaching app, aims to help you eliminate filler words from your communication. This app can be a valuable tool in your journey to becoming a more confident and impactful speaker. Here is an instructional video on how to use Credible as your personal speech coach. The set up is simiple.


Welcome to Credible, your personal speech coach that helps you stop using filler words.

Here is your home screen. This is where you can tap the start button and the app will begin listening to you speak.  

The only setting on the home page is Speaker Verification.  With this feature on, the app will determine if you are speaking or someone else.  This feature is useful for conversations in quiet environments.  If you are practicing for a presentation or presenting and the only one speaking, Speaker verification should stay off.  Also, if you are in a noisy environment it should also remain off.

Here is the settings page, this is where you can choose your filler word, or add a custom filler word.  You can only select one filler word at a time because the best way to improve is to focus on that one word.

Below is the notification frequency setting. If you use filler words so often that you are receiving too many notifications, you should select a different ratio.  If you select 5 then for every 5 filler words used you will receive one notification.

Next you can turn push notifications on and off.  We recommend leaving this on all the time, especially if you are using your Apple Watch. Until you stop the app, Credible will keep listening and notifying you in the background. Push notifications is how the app notifies you of a filler word when you swipe out of the app, or lock the screen.  You will see push notifications and feel the phone buzz from haptic vibrations.  And on your Apple Watch, you will feel the haptics vibrate at the same time.

Here you can change the setting to show the transcript.  We recommend keeping this off, but it can be useful if you would like to see the full transcript of your speech.

And finally, if speaker verification is not working well, you might need to re-record your voice sample.  If you are always speaking with some background noise, then you should record yourself with that background noise for improved accuracy.

Now back on the home page, you can tap Start to begin using Credible.  As you speak you will see that you get notified when the selected filler word “like” with a flash of the word “like” on your screen. 

And if you close out of the app or lock your screen, Credible will keep listening in the background, and you will see banner notifications pop down and feel the haptics on your phone and watch.

Then go back into the app and stop your session at any time.  Use Credible whenever you are speaking.